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Triple Your Storage by Using Structural Mezzanines

Mezzanines do not have to be a single level; in fact, there are some warehouses that create two to three tiers with their mezzanines – offering them even more space.

Creating a Vertical Storage System

A popular use for mezzanines is storage, but what some warehouse owners do not realize is that they can create a multi-tiered vertical storage system with their mezzanine. Creating a three-tiered storage, companies can better organize their pallets, small items and more. A two-level mezzanine is all that is required to create three levels of storage.

Multiple Levels Means More Savings

While companies may assume that creating a multi-tiered structural mezzanine will cost too much upfront, the amount of money it will save the warehouse on traditional construction or relocation makes up for the upfront cost. Also, the mezzanine can be deconstructed and taken later on with the company as it moves to a new facility – creating a piece of working capital that the company can use for years.

Getting a Structural Multi-Tiered Mezzanine

If you are thinking about expanding your warehouse space, do not discount the idea of a multiple level mezzanine. Contact the team at Mezzanines By Design for assistance with your multi-level mezzanine storage system today.

Uses for an Industrial Mezzanine

There is more to an industrial mezzanine than meets the eye. With the right construction and options, you can create a mezzanine that benefits your business fully. While most mezzanines are used for storage or to add extra space to an existing warehouse, there are other things you can turn your industrial unit into, such as:

  • Second Story Office Space – Move those in-warehouse offices up to the second floor and free up space below for more storage, work space, etc.
  • Observation Decks – Allow clients and vendors to observe your industrial space from above – and safely away from heavy machinery and hazards.
  • Work Platform – Create an area where your employees can safely work on machinery.
  • Storage Decks – Attach your conveyor system to your storage deck to move your supply from one level to another with ease.
  • Watch Towers – Mezzanines can be used outside on the grounds of your industrial property. Security guards are up higher, allowing them to better keep an eye on your property.

Mezzanines By Design can help you design the perfect industrial mezzanine based on what you need. Whether you want to expand your space or you are looking to improve safety, our team can help.

Signs a Prefabricated Mezzanine Won’t Work for You

For most facilities, ordering off the shelf just makes sense. They get what they need right away and they do not have to go through the process of custom fabrication. But, there are times when your facility will not be able to accommodate prefabricated mezzanines. It is best to speak to the team at Mezzanines By Design if you think your facility needs something custom. If you are not sure whether or not off the shelf is right for you, here are some signs you may need a custom job:

  1. Your facility has support beams and poles in the way. This is common in plenty of warehouses throughout the country. You may need a mezzanine that can be constructed and designed around those support beams – and most prefabricated mezzanines do not have that capacity.
  2. You have a small or extremely large space to work with. If your space is exceptionally small or large, you may find there is not a prefabricated mezzanine out there to fully fill up your space. A custom unit can be designed around your open space – and built-to-suit.
  3. You want a specific stair style or shape. Sometimes warehouses want a specific shape, such as a large U or L-shaped mezzanine. In these cases, you may want something that is custom fabricated instead of prefabricated.

Mezzanines By Design offers prefabricated mezzanines as well as custom fabrication. As an AISC certified fabricator, we can help you design the right mezzanine to suit your space regardless of your specifications. Call now for a free estimate.

Does Your Warehouse Need a Maintenance Platform?

Maintenance platforms are structural steel units that can help you perform routine maintenance in your warehouse or distribution center. Most buildings do not take advantage of these maintenance platforms – often because they do not understand their value.

Why Use a Maintenance Platform?

Maintenance platforms allow your employees to create a space above machinery or equipment, which allows them to access it for maintenance, repairs or even replacements. This eliminates the need (and risks) of large ladders or cranes inside the warehouse. Also, a maintenance platform can be used to allow customers to see the operations from above – and keep them out of the production area.

Ordering a maintenance platform is easy – and you can receive one that is customized to your facility. The team at Mezzanines By Design can help you find the right platform for your facility. If you need something customized, our engineering team will work with you to ensure we meet your exact specifications. AS an AISC certified fabricator, we can safely and effectively create the maintenance platform your facility needs to reduce clutter and possibly even increase your warehouse storage space. You can use our maintenance platforms with catwalk systems as well as an existing mezzanine to optimize your space even further.

Choosing a Top-Rated Mezzanine Manufacturer

Mezzanine levels are just as important as the rest of your warehouse or distribution center. While there are a lot of mezzanine manufacturers out there, you want to ensure you pick one that can create a high-quality product that withstands the test of time.

A good manufacturer is one that is a builder. They listen to your company’s needs, and help create a structure that meets those needs. Whether you need one for your showroom, employee areas or even storage, they can create a mezzanine to suit your company’s needs today and in the future.

Also, the mezzanine manufacturer will be certified in custom fabrication, which means they can produce the mezzanine in-house and are not outsourcing to an unknown third party. You want someone that is also certified for your city or state – which means that mezzanine manufacturer, has gone one step further to prove their expertise.

Lastly, you want to see real reviews from companies that have ordered mezzanines just like yours – with similar specifications. You want to see how well they have held up, what their thoughts were, etc. You can request referrals or even check out a company’s reputation online.

Mezzanines By Design is a top-rated mezzanine manufacturer in the country. We are certified fabricators, installers and have professional engineers on staff to create the mezzanine your company needs. Call us today to learn more.

What is a Mezzanine Lift?

Mezzanine lifts are custom accessories that can be added on to your existing or new mezzanine platform. These lifts also referred to as vertical lifts, help you lift products or merchandise from your bottom floor up to the mezzanine’s level. They can be constructed to lift heavy objects or even people – depending on your industry and the use for the mezzanine itself.

Why a Mezzanine Lift?

Depending on the industry, mezzanine lifts may be a better option instead of the use of a conveyor belt system. Some reasons companies opt for installing a mezzanine lift include:

  • They have the ability to lift heavier objects, such as pallets, furniture, etc.
  • They lift the objects that conveyor belts cannot handle – especially odd-shaped objects.
  • They can come with a variety of safety features making them safer than your average conveyor belt.
  • They are integrated into the mezzanine and operate like an extension.

Mezzanine lifts are the perfect solution to the warehouse that has heavier objects that they must move to their mezzanine for display or storage purposes. The team at Mezzanines By Design can create a mezzanine lift to accommodate even the largest products. Call us today to learn more about our products or to request a quote.

What Industries Benefit from the Use of Industrial Mezzanine Systems?

Industrial mezzanine systems are not a one-industry type of product. Instead, they can be used in a wide range of industries. While the name implies industrial, these units can actually be used in professional and even personal applications – and indoors or outdoors. Because they are extremely durable and built using high-quality steel, they are also a purchase that will last your business a lifetime.

Top Industries for Industrial Mezzanine Systems

There are a few industries that have ordered industrial steel mezzanines from Mezzanines By Design, but the most common include:

  • Aerospace – from manufacturers to engineers to laboratories and testing facilities.
  • Agriculture- farmers, agricultural manufacturers and even companies that create products for agricultural use have used industrial mezzanine systems.
  • Education – mezzanines can be erected in libraries for added storage, create a second floor for students and more.
  • Entertainment – mezzanines offer clubs and other warehouse-based facilities the additional storage capacity they need without retrofitting and entire warehouse.
  • Manufacturing – from pallet storage to offices and even equipment maintenance.
  • Military – from storage to temporary office space.
  • Retail – creating additional storage, office space or even erecting a second-story showroom for clothing retailers, auto dealerships and more.

The possibilities are endless for industrial mezzanine systems.  Get a free quote for your own mezzanine by contacting the sales team at Mezzanines By Design today.

What is a Structural Steel Mezzanine?

When looking for a mezzanine, you will see a lot of terms out there. One of the more commonly used terms is “structural steel mezzanine” but what does that mean? These are heavy-duty mezzanine platforms that are ideal for storage, showrooms and even offices. They are extremely efficient and built with a nut-and-bolt assembly so that they can be erected in just a few short days.

Why a Structural Steel Mezzanine?

These rugged, load-bearing units are designed to create a second story within your facility. They utilize vertical space you are already paying to heat and cool within your warehouse – and they save you the cost and downtime associated with full construction or relocation.

Even better, structural steel mezzanines still comply with all building codes and can be made with seismic requirements in mind. They can also have features added like stairs, rails, and even vertical conveyor systems to optimize their efficiency and safety.

The team at Mezzanines By Design can help you create the structural steel mezzanine your space needs to maximize storage capacity. Our team of professional engineers work with you to create a unit that meets the unique features of your facility – and our installers are certified to install in all 50 states. Call now for a free estimate.

The Do’s of Creating a Custom Warehouse Mezzanine

Mezzanines take advantage of unused vertical space already in your warehouse. If you need to design a custom unit to fit around machinery or structural supports, there is a lot more you need to take into consideration. In this post we focus on the do’s for creating a custom warehouse mezzanine that works for your company for years.

What to do When Creating a Custom Mezzanine

  1. Evaluate Your Mezzanine Needs – You need to decide what you are using the warehouse mezzanine for. Will it be for office space, storage or even employee lockers? The overall purpose will determine a lot – from structural supports to load limits and more. So, this is the most important thing you need to decide.
  2. What About Building Codes – You need to make sure you can construct a warehouse mezzanine as well as what permits and inspections are required before you can construct or put it to use when it is complete.
  3. Look Over Your Current Space – do you have room to accommodate a mezzanine? What type of changes will you need to make in-house to make it work?
  4. Hire a Professional – You should always work with a company that specializes in custom warehouse mezzanines and warehouse layouts.

Mezzanines by Design has some of the best engineers and designers in the state. We can custom design a mezzanine to suit your needs and our consultants offer warehouse layout services so that we can reconfigure your space to be the most efficient warehouse in the country.

Steel Mezzanines: The Cost Effective Warehouse Solution

Most warehouses run out of space years before they ever expected to. From inflation to just increased demand, they may find themselves scrambling for extra space on a limited timeframe. But, before you sign a lease at a new facility and go through the hassles associated with moving your business, why not consider a steel mezzanine? Mezzanines are by far the most cost-effective storage solution for a warehouse or distribution center.

How Does a Mezzanine Save You Money?

  • It saves you from paying for a lease for extra space
  • It saves you the overhead costs of maintaining a larger space
  • It saves you lost production and downtime while you relocate
  • Saves you the hassles and costs of construction additional space or building a new building to suit

Also, steel mezzanines can be considered capital purchases which mean you can even save on your taxes.

With a steel mezzanine, you do not have to move. Instead, you use the vertical space in your warehouse that you have already – and already pay to heat and cool – so that you can access additional storage without traditional construction.

Mezzanines by Design are your local experts in creating safe, effective solutions for your warehouse. Contact us today to learn more about our steel mezzanines or to get started on your order.