Warehouse space always seems limited, but it doesn’t have to. Often the issue is not getting more space – it is about utilizing the space you have more efficiently. By maximizing your warehouse space, you can increase productivity, gain more revenue and save on overhead costs. But, to do all of that you first need to know how to use the space you have, rather than look for ways to get more.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Existing Warehouse

  1. Pack your items in accordance to picking rate. Items that are frequently moved in and out of the warehouse should be closest to shipping and receiving.
  2. Use a warehouse software system that helps you keep track of the items you have on hand. Also, use that same software to track how often an item must be reproduced or reordered; then adjust your stock levels. Often a warehouse will run out of space simply because they overstock – and reducing stock according to demand can free up square footage.
  3. Use mezzanine systems to increase your vertical square footage. Often a warehouse has plenty of vertical space that goes unused – and just by installing a mezzanine system you can add up to double the space.
  4. Use shelving units to organize your products rather than stacking boxes in the warehouse.
  5. Install pallet racks for large pallet items – and make sure you have space for your forklift.
  6. Change the layout of your storage systems you already have. Pallet racks and other racking systems may just need to be reconfigured to open up a little more space in your warehouse.
  7. Establish a zoning system, storing items according to the right zone and then organize within each zone.
  8. Hire an engineer to assess your space not only for mezzanine systems, but other storage solutions that can help you increase the warehouse space you already have.
  9. Design the interior using a software program so that you can configure, measure and change it without configuring by trial and error.
  10. Remove items that you do not need in the warehouse to increase overall space.

Mezzanines by Design can help your warehouse utilize the square footage you already have. From designing mezzanine systems to offering space-saving tips, our team can help you save on square footage.