Custom fabrication of your warehouse mezzanine means you can add special accessories to make your system more efficient. While the amount of accessories you add will vary on space and safety requirements, most of these can be integrated into your custom mezzanine by the experts at Mezzanines by Design.

Stairs and Landings

Adding stairs and landings help your employees access your mezzanines with ease. You can choose from multiple staircase types, including L-shaped, U-Shaped and straight run. These are constructed with the same durable steel and coatings as the rest of your mezzanine.

Safety Gates

Safety gates prevent your employees from falling, but also provide forklift access. You can use single or double-gate access, lift-gates and sliding gates.

Border Guards and Protectors

Protective railings keep your warehouse in compliance with all applicable safety regulations – and can reduce your warehouse liability. Border guards can be made in single and double layers – depending on the load max you need.

Customized Openings

If your warehouse uses a conveyor system to transport items from the ground floor up to the mezzanine level, you will need a custom opening made in your mezzanine floor.

Other Custom Fabrication Options

Mezzanines can be customized to your warehouse, but also your industry. For food-based warehouses, you will need to comply with food safety standards, which requires special coatings that meet sanitary requirements.

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