As a business owner, you try hard to protect your products, employees and your company. You may have a well-secured warehouse, complete with video monitoring and security systems, but what steps do you take to protect your employees and products from accidents within your walls? There are numerous safety products at your disposal and while they may not all be required, some can protect your employees – and possibly even lower your company’s insurance premium.

Use Safety Nets

Safety nets prevent packages and products from falling off your shelves. Not only does it protect the products from damage, but protects any employees under the shelves from falling objects. These safety nets are ideal for areas with high foot traffic or areas where forklifts may accidentally bump into your pallet racks.

Install Guard Rails

Guardrails are designed to withstand severe impacts and they are coated in yellow so that forklift drivers can easily spot them. Use guard rails to outline where pedestrians can walk within your warehouse, but also to outline where forklifts will drive through the warehouse area.

Keep Safety in Mind on Maintenance Platforms

Maintenance platforms give you access to heavy machinery, vats, etc. from above, but they are a serious injury risk for your employees – if used improperly. Use safety rails around your maintenance platform and train employees on how to use the maintenance platform properly. Employees should also wear safety helmets and other protective gear any time they are near heavy machinery.

Train Forklift Drivers

Only certified, trained forklift drivers should use your warehouse forklifts. And, do not assume your employees only need training once. Instead, host semi-annual training, safety seminars and even driver evaluations to ensure your forklift operators are competent.

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