Plenty of businesses have taken advantage of industrial mezzanine systems. But, even after installing a mezzanine and taking advantage of unused space, a business may find themselves in need of more — whether that is a few years or even few months later. Some companies grow faster than they expected, causing them to use up their new space quickly.

When this happens a business may feel they are out of options or that they need to relocate. But, that is not always the case. Sometimes another mezzanine can be added to an existing mezzanine — allowing the company to continue to expand without relocating.

Options for Adding to an Existing Industrial Mezzanine System

Whether you are hoping to add more office space, increase storage or create a clean room, you can add on to your existing mezzanine. Mezzanines, in themselves, are not permanent structures. They can even be torn down and relocated with your business if you choose to move. Therefore, adding to them is not as difficult as it may seem.

The best solution when adding to an existing mezzanine is to design a secondary, freestanding mezzanine that will use any remaining overhead space. Then, connect the two mezzanines using a catwalk that will act as a bridge between the two mezzanines.

Expansions and additions to mezzanines can be done in just a few weeks. The team at Mezzanines by Design can assess your leftover space and help design a secondary system that will join with your existing mezzanine to give you that space you need. Contact a design specialist today to learn more about maximizing space and adding to your current industrial mezzanine system.