Mezzanines help expand your warehouse space, operate as second floors and are designed to help save you money. But, maximizing the benefits of those structures starts with the right mezzanine manufacturer. As with any industry, not all manufacturers of mezzanines are created the same.

Therefore, you’ll want to look for the characteristics of a solid company before making your purchase.

Expert Design and Engineering

A company should be able to not only manufacture the product; they should also be capable of designing and engineering one. That includes creating blueprints, assessing your building’s current structure and designing a safe mezzanine for your facility based on your needs.


Installation is crucial for the efficiency of your mezzanine. It is best to have your mezzanine installed by the same company that manufactures it — and their installation crew should be certified and licensed to install.

Project Management

Creating and installing a mezzanine might be easier than traditional construction, but it still requires precise work and dedication. A good mezzanine manufacturer is one that assigns a project manager to your order, ensuring your mezzanine is flawless from design to installation.

Certifications and Specifications

Your manufacturer should be AISC certified as well as ensure all of their products meet and/or exceed ASTM standards. The manufacturer should also understand and be in compliance with all OSHA requirements, and be a member of the American Society of Engineers.

Mezzanines by Design are a turnkey mezzanine manufacturer. We can handle every aspect of your project from conception to completion. Our team of expert engineers are licensed and certified and can ensure you get a high-quality product that is safe and efficient for your facility.