A mezzanine allows your warehouse to increase storage capacity without having to lease additional space or move to a larger facility. And, mezzanines help you save on moving costs, higher rental rates, and even property taxes.

More warehouses are turning to mezzanines in Houston so that they can use up their vertical space – and the space does not just have to be for your supplies. Mezzanines can be used to double your existing square footage and then the space can be used as you see fit. Some companies use theirs for storage, while others use theirs workspace, records storage, locker rooms, employee break areas and office space.

If you are a tight budget, a used mezzanine is a cost-effective. But, even a new mezzanine will save you money.

Picking the Right Type of Mezzanine

There are four common types of mezzanine – each with their own use. If you are picking a new mezzanine, you can choose from:

  • Free Standing –Free standing mezzanines are the most popular type ordered and installed. These are also referred to as structural and steel mezzanine. They offer a variety of designs that allow for easier flow of traffic underneath the mezzanine.
  • Rack Supported – These are also known as catwalk systems and are an alternative to structural mezzanines. They have walkways for manual loading/unloading and are more cost effective than traditional mezzanines.
  • Integrated – These are part of your building’s structure. They are integrated and come with a concrete floor – offering more load capacity than any other type of mezzanine.
  • Shelving Supported – If you are a warehouse with a lot of SKUs to keep track of, a shelving supported unit may be the right choice. This type rests on columns and has shelving that is accessible on all four sides.

Not Sure Which Is Right for You?

Mezzanines by Designis your local resource for mezzanines in Houston. We can design a mezzanine to suit your warehouse, budget and need. Call us today for more information.