Steel mezzanines let your warehouse and distribution center increase space without moving or building more. You’ll save on rent, the cost of moving, and maybe even taxes. More businesses are turning to the use of mezzanines to help access their warehouse’s vertical space and double their storage capacity. The extra space can be used for just about anything – from storage to offices to employee break areas.

But, picking a mezzanine is a lot more intensive than just calling and ordering one up. You need to pick the right steel mezzanine based on your company’s need.

The Types of Steel Mezzanines to Choose From:

  • Free Standing – This is the most popular type. It offers a wider span, easier flow and still allows you to access the space underneath the mezzanine – maximizing your warehouse’s square footage. Also, you can use this type of mezzanine at a new location if you choose to move, and in some cases you may be able to depreciate it on your taxes.
  • Catwalk Systems – Also known as a rack-supported system, this type of mezzanine is chosen as an alternative to traditional steel mezzanines. It uses a walkway that allows you to manually load and unload pallets into your warehouse pallet racking system.
  • Integrated Systems – An integrated mezzanine becomes part of the building and cannot move with you. While they become a permanent structure, they do offer higher load capacities than traditional steel mezzanines.

How to Decide

It is best to speak to a professional when looking at steel mezzanines. An expert can assess your use and capacity requirements, how long you intend to stay at your current location and your budget. Then, they can recommend a mezzanine system that suits your needs.

If you are thinking of going vertical, contact the team at Mezzanines by Design today. We offer custom steel mezzanines that suit every business need and budget.