No one wants an OSHA violation. Not only does that mean you could face a serious fine, but you could be shut down until your violation is handled. While some OSHA violations are rare, there are some that inspectors are seeing more often – and you can easily avoid them.

Scaffolding Violations

If you have temporary scaffolding up in your business, you need to make sure safety procedures are followed. These are easy to fall from and tools can easily fall from scaffolding and hit someone from below.

Fall Protection

A lot of warehouses and industrial businesses do not have enough safety protocols in place for falls. When employees are on elevated platforms, there should be safety gates and rails. Also, employees should wear helmets. If someone is on an elevated platform working, there should be a way to secure their tools so that there is no risk of those tools falling and hitting an employee or visitor from below.

Respiratory Violations

As the employer, you are required to protect the health and safety of your workers. If you are not giving your employees ventilation, masks or oxygen equipment that is required for their job, you are in violation. Make sure all employees have the personal protective equipment required to keep them safe.

Electrical Wiring Errors

Every facility uses some sort of computer and machinery. But, if your electrical components are wired incorrectly, you have a serious safety hazard. Make sure wires are run by a skilled electrician.

Hazardous Materials

How hazardous materials are handled is critical. Make sure staff know how to store chemicals properly, what equipment to wear when handling those materials and that only trained or certified personnel are using those items.

Your warehouse can also violate OSHA standards if it is too cluttered. If you need to increase space, contact the experts at Mezzanines by Design today. We can help you create a safer, more efficient layout and even add extra layers of storage so that your facility is safe and functional.