Today, warehouses and distribution centers are booming. Thanks to the Internet, more businesses are selling their products online, which means their distribution centers are taking on more work. As a distribution center, you need to be one-step ahead of the trends – and that means designing a distribution center that can accommodate the needs of the market today as well as tomorrow.

Design from the Inside Out                               

Designing your distribution center requires a thorough understanding of what will happen inside. Most companies buy too much space to accommodate the future demands of their center, without thinking about how their center will work. By designing from the inside out, you can better plan your layout, storage and even where you will expand.

It is important to assess the timeline. From the moment an order is received, retrieved, packaged and shipped. Youwant your layout to accommodate the timeline – and work in order. That way your shipping and receiving is not in the middle of order picking, while packaging is on the opposite end. Everything should be in the order your work will flow.

Enlist the Help of a Professional

To make your distribution center more efficient, you should employ the help of a professional. Engineers can design custom fabrication mezzanines for storage, observation platforms, and storage areas to accommodate your distribution center’s needs.

The team at Mezzanines by Design are certified custom fabrication specialists. We can design, manufacture and install structural mezzanines, platforms and in-plant offices for your distribution center that maximize efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our procedure or to get assistance with your layout planning.