Equipment platforms can help better the efficiency of your mezzanine, but only if they are used properly. Because the platform is set over a workspace or storage center, it is imperative that you teach your employees proper safety to prevent falls and serious injuries.

Employee Training

All employees should receive annual training on the equipment used in your facility. If an aerial lift is used to reach equipment platforms, only authorized and trained personnel should use those machines to access your platform.

Follow Load Limits

Your equipment platform comes with a specific load limit – which was designed based on what you planned to store there. If you change the items stored on your equipment platform, refer back to your engineer’s instructions – specifically load limits. Never go over the specified load limit and factor in the combined weight of the tools, materials and employees that may be on the equipment platform at the same time as the equipment being stored there.

Use a Safe Clearance

You should have a minimum clearance of at least 10 feet above your equipment platform after it is loaded with materials. This gives employees ample space to move around, but also prevents any equipment from coming into contact with electrical wiring, HVAC ventilation, etc.

Never Store Flammable or Combustible Equipment Near a Source of Energy

When selecting your materials to store on your equipment platform, keep combustibles and flammables away from any source of energy or flame.

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