When you are designing your mezzanine system, there are a few options you will want to consider. It doesn’t matter if you are ordering a small steel mezzanine or you are ordering something that spans your entire warehouse, understanding your options is important.


Before any designing or engineering can commence, you need to determine how you will use your mezzanine. There are a variety of ways to use them, such as excess storage, pallets, retail or even offices. But, how you plan to use them will determine how they are designed and the components required to make it safe enough to use.


How much vertical space do you have to work with? Not all warehouses have ample space to create a mezzanine. Therefore, you should have a specialist come to your location and measure. Also, remember that you may have products stacked on your mezzanine – and you will need enough space between those products and your ceiling.


You need to access your steel mezzanines somehow. So, you will need to decide how many stairs or entry points you want, if they will be gated and where you want them placed. While the engineer may have to slightly adjust the staircase locations, having an idea of where you want them will help expedite the process.

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