A successful warehouse relies on many things – from management to layout to safety. To make sure your warehouse is hazard-free and to reduce your company’s liability risks, there are some practical safety tips you should always keep in mind.

Keep Up with Cleaning

A dirty warehouse is more likely to cause employee injuries than a well-maintained warehouse. Also, if the exterior of your warehouse isn’t well maintained, you may find that you are subject to more break-ins and crime than warehouses that have a better appearance. If you do not have employees or time to clean the inside and outside of your facilities regularly, hire an outside cleaning crew to handle it.

Create a Smarter Inventory System

If the items you sell the most are at the back of your warehouse, that means forklifts and employees must constantly walk a long distance for distributing goods. The more back and forth an employee has, the more likely they are to become injured too. Create less travel distances by moving your fastest moving inventory items right next to your distribution and packing zone – which should be close to your delivery trucks too.

Limit Forklifts in Operation at the Same Time

You shouldn’t have multiple forklifts moving around the warehouse at the same time. While two or three may be necessary, they should be assigned to separate zones – to prevent any collision.

Invest in a Warehouse Mezzanine System

Warehouse mezzanines systems help you move inventory off the floor- giving you more room for production, pedestrian space, etc. They also help you maximize your vertical space, which can improve productivity and allow you to grow without relocating.

Use Adequate Lighting

Your warehouse should be well lit throughout (including the exterior). Inadequate lighting can lead to slip and fall injuries, which you will be liable for.

For more tips on how to maximize your warehouse space to increase efficiency and safety, contact the team at Mezzanines by Design. We can create customized warehouse mezzanine systems that are safety compliant and designed to maximize your warehouse space.