As a brewery, you are in the business of taste. You craft something that your customers will crave, you supply local restaurants and stores, and ultimately you are there to meet the demands of your customers. But, what happens when your brewery runs out of space? Because breweries are starting to become part of a billion-dollar industry, it is no wonder more local breweries are looking to expand – but those expansions could be detrimental to your business.

The True Cost of Expansion

Expansion may seem like your only option when you run out of space, but there are some serious drawbacks to expansion, including:

  • Downtime. As long as your space or the new space is under construction, you cannot expand nor can your company operate as it would when your space isn’t occupied by construction crews.
  • Cost. To move your brewery to a new location or to construct additional space, you could encounter hundreds of thousands of dollars that will significantly deplete your company’s revenue and cash reserves – something not all breweries can afford.

Alternatives to Traditional Expansion

If your brewery has limited space, don’t assume your only option is to move or expand horizontally. In fact, consider vertical expansion. A steel mezzanine allows you to take advantage of the unused vertical space in your brewery – whether for offices, additional storage space or even a break room. They are less expensive than expanding horizontally and the downtime for a steel mezzanine versus a traditional expansion is significantly less.

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