Mezzanines are meant to help you reconfigure and expand your space. Unfortunately, industrial mezzanines can also be an eye sore – especially if they are designed without aesthetics in mind. A mezzanine doesn’t have to be ugly; in fact, you can have a functional storage solution that is still attractive.

First, Assess Your Use

To decide what type of mezzanine you need, you will first need to assess the use. The use will determine the flooring and type of supports. It is important to assess your storage needs now and in the future. While you may be using the mezzanine for record storage, eventually you’ll have to move your offices up there – which means you need to plan for usage today and in the future.

Sometimes All It Takes is Color

A mezzanine can be painted in different colors – including different colors on the body and supports. These colors can be done to match your company colors and logo or other colors that are present in your warehouse.

Let Mezzanines by Design Create an Attractive Storage Solution for You

Mezzanines by Design can help you create an industrial mezzanine that suits your space, is cost-effective, and still attractive to look at. Call and speak to a design expert today.