Mezzanines go well beyond just the industrial setting. While they do allow you to utilize vertical space in your building and increase storage, there is a lot more to them than warehouse space. From offices to car sales to security, you would be surprised how many industries are installing mezzanines in Houston.


Showrooms are often set up in warehouse spaces, which means they have a lot of unused vertical space. A mezzanine allows these companies to expand the size of their showroom without moving. Also, show room could use their upper mezzanine space for offices, while the lower levels are dedicated to products. From displaying cars to furniture to even expositions, mezzanines definitely have a place on the showroom floor.


General offices can maximize their space by using mezzanines too. From adding a file room storage to moving their data and servers to a secured mezzanine space above, more offices are starting to use mezzanines to maximize their square footage.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies, whether a storage warehouse or the actual production facility, have started to install mezzanines in Houston as well. These can be used for extra storage or to create clean rooms above the storage facility.

Break Rooms

For industrial buildings and warehouses with limited space, mezzanines are used to create break room areas. These keep employees separate from their work and allow a quiet, more private space to eat their lunch, relax and enjoy their scheduled break times.

Mezzanines by Design can create custom mezzanines in Houston to suit just about any industry — and still meet all safety and health regulations. Contact a team member at Mezzanines by Design today to learn more about the numerous applications of steel mezzanines.