The layout of your facility is complex — and figuring out what is most efficient, while also safe, is frustrating. Often you are limited on time and budget, which means you have to work fast and often safety gets overlooked. It is not uncommon for a facility to be designed around efficiency rather than safety. But, if you were to ever have an OSHA inspection or worse, an injury, that layout could become a prime factor.

Before you do anything, it is time to see whether or not your facility is actually safe.

Tips for a Safe Warehouse Layout

  • Traffic Management – You need to allocate space and define areas where people will walk. Also, define areas where your forklifts can move around, but keep those forklift paths out of the way of pedestrian walk spaces.
  • Check New Safety Codes – If you haven’t moved or reorganized your warehouse in a while, chances are you are no longer following the latest safety codes. You may want to see what the new regulations are and ensure your space satisfies safety regulations.
  • Emergency Considerations – Is there adequate space in your facility for emergency responders? Can fire trucks access between buildings or enter if there is a fire?
  • Custom Mezzanines – To make your space more suitable and safe, you may need a custom mezzanine. These can be designed around the layout of your warehouse, but also to meet specific safety requirements so that your warehouse is not only efficient, but no longer a hazard.
  • Create Roomier Aisles – While roomier aisles may mean you give up some storage space, the wider area will reduce the number of forklift collisions and collapses you will have. With your custom mezzanines you can access vertical storage as well — which allows you to spread out your below storage for safety.

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