Not all gates used on a mezzanine in a warehouse are safety gates. While these gates are designed to protect an employee’s safety while on a viewing platform, the gates all have different standards – especially when it comes to safety. Self-closing gates, horizontal sliding gates and vertical sliders are safe, but not actual safety gates.

Meeting OSHA Requirements

Single gate systems do meet the OSHA safety railing requirements when it comes to load and dimension – meaning they can hold up to 200 pounds of pressure. As single gated systems, these gates open, but still expose you to the opening on the mezzanine. You can order a single gate for your mezzanine with additional safety features built-in.

What is a Safety Gate?

A true safety gate features a front and back gate – so that you are never exposed fully to the mezzanine’s opening. They also meet the ANSI MH28.3-2009 Standard as well as OSHA federal standards. They operate similar to an airlock, allowing you to enter through one side while still providing a level of protection.

Order a True Mezzanine Safety Gate

If you are concerned about safety, order safety gates for your mezzanine warehouse from Mezzanines by Design today. We can design OSHA and ANSI-approved safety gates for every application.