Mezzanines go beyond just warehouse storage. In fact, more companies are using mezzanines to construct in-plant offices for management and conference facilities. These types of structures are a great solution, especially for companies with limited warehouse and manufacturing space. By constructing a mezzanine office space above, companies can have valuable management staff in the middle of production without taking up much-needed space.

Steel Construction Offices

Steel construction mezzanine offices are tough, yet aesthetically appealing. They offer the strength and versatility a company needs to create efficient office space even in a tight warehouse facility.

Implant Aluminum Offices

Implant offices are strong, sleek and offer maximum durability. They offer maximum space and suit just about any budget.

Multiple Panel Colors for Customization

Mezzanine offices can be customized for a more attractive finish. And, with the option of added doors and windows, employees won’t feel like they are in a constructed box — they will feel as though they are in a custom office of their own. Bullet and blast resistant construction, access control doors and other security additions can also be made to create a highly versatile office space.

Combine Mezzanine Storage with Office Space

For those tight warehouse spaces, mezzanines can become a combination of warehouse storage and office space too. There is no limit to what a mezzanine can do to maximize the efficiency of your current square footage.

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