When your business needs space, what are your options? While you could build a new facility or lease space, how financially feasible is that for you, really?

For business executives challenged with limited space, they may feel that their only option is to relocate. But, that is because most business owners forget to look up and think vertically.

New Construction: Is That Your Best Option?

Companies need to expand, but the idea of moving to a new facility just means more costs and less productivity. Another option is to build a custom warehouse solution, but that requires the business owner to not only find the land that is big enough, but go through the entire design process – which means it will be years before they actually have a finished facility.

Leasing Temporary Space Doesn’t Make Sense

Some businesses think that they can lease temporary space while they are in a space crunch. But, leasing just adds another overhead cost and liability. The out of pocket expenses over a three-year period can devastate your company’s cash flow.

Mezzanines in Houston: Practical and They Make Sense

Mezzanines are a proven way to increase storage space and give you more square footage without the hassle or costs. Mezzanines take advantage of the unused vertical space in your warehouse that you already have – so no extra construction, finding land or worrying about a lease. Also, mezzanines can be constructed in a few weeks – from conception to completion – so you aren’t waiting years for the space you need right now.

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