Most people picture modular mezzanines being erected in a warehouse or production facility. But, what about the fun side of warehouse spaces? From fun houses to laser tag facilities to gymnasiums, modular mezzanines have a place outside of the traditional warehouse.

Fun locations need elevated structures too. From the rock-climbing wall at your local gym to the multiple levels for a game of intense laser tag, the solution is simple: modular mezzanines.

Mezzanines are safe enough to implement in a consumer setting – and can be designed so that they are safe for even children to use. Because they are extremely durable and can accommodate multiple designs, they are the best option for fun centers looking to create a second floor within their facility.

How Mezzanines by Design Can Take Your Fun Center to the Next Level

If you want to take your fun center to the next level and create a multi-story facility, Mezzanines by Design can help. We offer custom fabrication and modular mezzanines that can be designed for your facility. From custom colors to heavy-traffic flooring and more, let our team of engineers give you that level up that your facility needs to remain competitive and exciting.