Just because a mezzanine is prefabricated does not mean you cannot add new features and options to it. Mezzanines are meant to be customized to your facility’s needs and some of these options may be necessary to meet all safety standards for your industry. Just some options you may want to consider include:


There are a variety of handrails you can choose from including vertical, cable, horizontal rails, expanded metal, etc. You will want to check with building codes to see which kind of hand rail you are required to use.

Access Gates

Access gates help secure your mezzanine floor. You can choose from sliding, swing, pivot safety gates and more. The gates will allow you to still move materials into the mezzanine area, while not sacrificing safety for your employees.

Landings, Viewing Platforms and Stairways

Stairs are necessary for all mezzanines, but the type of stair you choose can depend on building codes as well as your space. You can choose a variety of configurations for your prefabricated mezzanines – but you want a staircase, viewing platform and landing that still meets all OSHA requirements.

Ancillary Items

You can add other items to your mezzanine to increase its functionality, including shelving, racks, flow racks, in-plant offices and even catwalks or conveyor belts.

If you are ready to order and customize a prefabricated mezzanine, contact the experts at Mezzanines by Design today. We can customize your mezzanine to suit your space and still meet all OSHA and building code requirements for maximum safety.