As the year comes to a close, the New Year’s resolutions start to come out. One of the most common to-do’s on a company list is “organization.” This is especially true when it comes to record storage. Records storage is important for your business, but keeping those records (taxes, bills of sale, order history, etc.) takes up a lot of space.  Luckily you have a few solutions at your fingertips so that you start off 2015 with a well-organized records room.

Records are Important

Most companies put minimal effort into their records storage, but this isn’t smart. Your company records are all about risk – from helping you prove your case in a liability lawsuit to helping you pinpoint where your slower months are for production. Therefore, you cannot afford to lose those records. Records are a vital part of your legal and operational need.

Where to Put Records When You Run Out of Space

There are some records you have to keep for up to 10 years, while there are others you need indefinitely. The longer you are in business, the more record storage you will accumulate. Eventually you may find your filing space or even your warehouse full of paper records. But, your company cannot afford to move just for records.

The solution: a prefabricated mezzanine.

A prefabricated mezzanine allows you to utilize vertical space in your office or warehouse that would otherwise be left vacant. It creates a second floor, which is ideal for records storage. You can free up office space, get your boxes out of the warehouse, and have all of your records stored in a safe, on-site location.

Prefabricated mezzanines are cheaper than relocating to a bigger warehouse, but they are also cheaper than renting a storage unit for your record storage, especially for long term storage.

Mezzanines by Design can create a prefabricated mezzanine that suits your record storage needs. Whether you have just a few boxes or an entire file room you want to move up, we can design the ideal storage solution that saves you space, time and money.