Business expansions are a sign of success. When your business needs to expand storage space to keep up with the demand, you are doing something right. And with the latest developments in ecommerce, your business may even start to boom faster than you ever imagined.

With the shift focusing on ecommerce and effective distribution, you may find yourself in a position where you run out of space faster than expected. But, do you stay where you are or move on?

Most often distribution centers and warehouses pose this question when they run out of space. But, while most spend the resources and time moving into something larger, smarter distribution centers look for ways to stay and maximize the space they already have.

Structural Steel Mezzanines Allow You to Stay Put

You have established your business in the space you have. The address is on your letterhead, customers know where to find you and you may even be stuck in a lengthy lease term. Moving adds significant strain on your company’s efficiency as well as your finances. But, moving is not the only solution to fixing the limited space issue. In fact, most businesses that run out of space are just mismanaging the space they already have.

A structural steel mezzanine allows your business to expand, while not moving or constructing a permanent structure. Mezzanines use vertical space in your warehouse – space you’re already paying to heat and cool year-round. These structures are not permanent, but they are still strong enough to withstand a heavy load. And, if you are looking for additional tax write offs for this year, a mezzanine can be depreciated over time.

Meet with a Specialist First

Before you decide to stay or move on, meet with an engineer from Mezzanines by Design. Our staff can assess your workflow, equipment and overall warehouse layout and show you how a mezzanine will expand your space and save you significantly. Call us today for your consultation.