Designing a mezzanine is more than just picking how tall and how durable you want it. You have other structural options to choose from that can complete the look and ultimately determine how versatile and safe your mezzanine is.

Mezzanines can be equipped with a variety of structural features – while some of these may be necessary, others may be based on the mezzanine’s application. A few structural features you may want to consider include:

  • Handrails – These are required by OSHA, but there is not just one style of handrail. You may be able to choose from vertical or horizontal, cable, expanded, etc. You will want to make sure which ever you choose does meet all building codes and OSHA requirements.
  • Access Gates - From pivot safety gates to sliding to swing gates, there are tons of gate options out there. Consult with your mezzanine design specialist to see which is best for your use and also which meets building code regulations.
  • Stairways, Platforms and Landings - You can configure your stairs in a variety of widths and shapes and even add landings or platforms for viewing and maintenance.
  • Conveyor Access - To make getting products easier up to your mezzanine, you can install a conveyor access or vertical conveyor.

All of your structural options are based on the use and overall space you have in your warehouse. The team at Mezzanines by Design can help you pick and choose which structural features you need and which are optional. Call us today to get started.