When you shop for a mezzanine for your warehouse, you will notice you have two options: pre-fabricated and custom mezzanines. While both offer similar benefits (space-saving, extra floor, etc.) there is a distinct advantage to ordering a custom mezzanine versus one that is pre-fabricated.

At Mezzanines by Design, we offer both and each type has its benefits for our clients. But, sometimes we recommend custom designs, simply because of the unique characteristics of the company and building.

Size and Load Limit

Some companies have unique sizes, spaces, layouts or load limits that need to be considered. For example, a pre-fabricated unit may not be designed for a specific weight – such as a company that wants to store their pallets on their mezzanine. Therefore, one must be custom designed and made to suit those limitations. Also, if a warehouse has a unique layout, a custom mezzanine may need to be designed around existing columns, HVAC units, or even permanent machinery so that it will suit the building.


Some companies have unique uses. For example, a retail outlet may want their mezzanine for showroom space; therefore, they need an attractive design, color scheme, etc. – which a prefabricated unit may not have.


When a client is not as worried about the price and wants something more custom rather than cost-effective, custom mezzanines are the perfect choice. They are still surprisingly affordable – even though they are built to suit the needs of the client.

For a quote on a custom mezzanine for your warehouse or office, call Mezzanines by Design today.