Mezzanines take advantage of unused vertical space already in your warehouse. If you need to design a custom unit to fit around machinery or structural supports, there is a lot more you need to take into consideration. In this post we focus on the do’s for creating a custom warehouse mezzanine that works for your company for years.

What to do When Creating a Custom Mezzanine

  1. Evaluate Your Mezzanine Needs – You need to decide what you are using the warehouse mezzanine for. Will it be for office space, storage or even employee lockers? The overall purpose will determine a lot – from structural supports to load limits and more. So, this is the most important thing you need to decide.
  2. What About Building Codes – You need to make sure you can construct a warehouse mezzanine as well as what permits and inspections are required before you can construct or put it to use when it is complete.
  3. Look Over Your Current Space – do you have room to accommodate a mezzanine? What type of changes will you need to make in-house to make it work?
  4. Hire a Professional – You should always work with a company that specializes in custom warehouse mezzanines and warehouse layouts.

Mezzanines by Design has some of the best engineers and designers in the state. We can custom design a mezzanine to suit your needs and our consultants offer warehouse layout services so that we can reconfigure your space to be the most efficient warehouse in the country.