It isn’t always possible for a business to install a modular office or expand their current space. But, a business doesn’t have to worry about expansion when they use a mezzanine. Mezzanines allow companies to maximize their vertical square footage — something a lot of warehouses and industrial properties have — so that they can extend their company’s square footage without traditional construction.

There are numerous ways for mezzanine systems to be used — and each can be customized to suit a company’s specific needs.

Office Space

Companies with limited office space can use mezzanine systems to build a second floor devoted to their administrative staff. Also, when office space is up off the work floor, companies have room to expand their production and they eliminate the noise and distractions their office workers face when sharing the same floor.


Mezzanines also provide additional space to observe production. Catwalks are safer vantage points that allow investors, management and other supervisory personnel to check on work below without having to walk through the actual production lines. Also, catwalks can be used to access dangerous equipment and with safety rails installed, employees can do their jobs without risking safety.


Mezzanine systems provide excellent storage space. They can store tools, products, pallets and even equipment. When floor space becomes limited in a warehouse, mezzanines offer a second level of storage and help a company maximize their warehouse space.

Mezzanines by Design offers custom mezzanine systems based on the needs of your company. Instead of expanding or even relocating your operations, let our team of professionals design a mezzanine that maximizes your existing square footage and helps you get the most out of your space.