Prefabricated mezzanines are constructed from steel, but just because they are prefabricated does not mean they are limited on use. From having different types of floors installed to creating customized spaces, there is no limited to prefabricated mezzanine structures.

Mezzanine Offices

One of the more common uses for prefabricated mezzanines is creating office space. Unused space within your warehouse or industrial unit is a great way to create more offices. By moving your offices to a second floor, you will also free up more space below for storage, production and shipping. You could also use mezzanines to create a conference space – which allows you to meet with vendors, customers and even investors while staying out of the way of the noise below.


Mezzanines can also be used to create catwalks. These provide you with a safe view from above so you can check on operations, fix equipment from above, or even clean out vats. With proper safety rails, catwalks are safer than other overhead viewing options.

Extra Storage Space

If you do not want to use your mezzanine to create office space, you can use them to create storage space. Prefabricated mezzanines offer up additional storage for products, tools or even packaging materials. Mezzanines, in the end, are more affordable than using storage units for your excess product.


If you are interested in a prefabricated mezzanine for your industrial space, contact the team at Mezzanines by Design today. We offer custom installation, design and more so that you can truly maximize your space.