Mezzanine systems add more space to an existing building or warehouse. But, adding these does take a considerable amount of thinking. Any time you modify your existing space, it needs to be planned out appropriately. Of course, you should always consult a mezzanine specialist before designing or even choosing a mezzanine system for your structure. To help get you started on the process, here are a few tips for designing the right system for your space.

Evaluate Your Needs

Mezzanine systems have numerous uses. From creating a second floor to offering out-of-the-way storage systems, they are highly versatile. The type of system you need, however, depends on how you plan to use it. Therefore, you need to evaluate your reasons for purchasing a mezzanine in the first place.

Assess the Current Space

While a mezzanine adds a second floor to your existing space, you still need adequate square footage to install a system properly. Study your current floor plan and have an idea of where you would like the mezzanine to go — and don’t forget to plan for stair space.

Check on Building Codes

Even if you own the building, you must adhere to building codes and regulations. Check with your local governing agency to see if there is an application process you must complete before you can begin construction. You may need a permit or official inspection by that agency before you can use the mezzanine as well.

Consult a Professional

Structural mezzanine systems are cheaper than traditional construction, but still require a lot of planning and engineering. It is best to hire a professional. At Mezzanines by Design, our professionals can assess your space, design a mezzanine that suits the existing structure, and even analyze your current slab and frame work to make sure it can support the weight of a new mezzanine.

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