Warehouse safety should be at the forefront of every operation – but it is not always easy. As people are working and trying to meet deadlines, safety often goes out the window. When working in the warehouse, it is important that your staff knows how to assess potential hazards and how to act accordingly. There are things you can do also to ensure your warehouse is safe.

Encourage a Clean Work Environment

Let your employees know that clutter and mess are not allowed. These can lead to tripping hazards, forklift crashes, etc. Make sure that your warehouse mezzanine systems are also kept clean – regardless if they are not accessed frequently. Anything that reduces visibility or requires your staff to step over is a safety hazard and should be taken care of right away.

Keep Staff Alert

Make sure you are not overscheduling your staff or forcing them to work longer hours than necessary. Also, be aware of complacency – something that makes your staff feel too comfortable and stop looking out for potential dangers.

Use Signs

Signs are the best line of defense. They can warn pedestrians of potential forklift traffic, remind employees to wear hardhats, etc. Post applicable signs everywhere, including on warehouse mezzanines systems, to gently remind your employees of their obligations to safety.

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