Mezzanines do not have to be a single level; in fact, there are some warehouses that create two to three tiers with their mezzanines – offering them even more space.

Creating a Vertical Storage System

A popular use for mezzanines is storage, but what some warehouse owners do not realize is that they can create a multi-tiered vertical storage system with their mezzanine. Creating a three-tiered storage, companies can better organize their pallets, small items and more. A two-level mezzanine is all that is required to create three levels of storage.

Multiple Levels Means More Savings

While companies may assume that creating a multi-tiered structural mezzanine will cost too much upfront, the amount of money it will save the warehouse on traditional construction or relocation makes up for the upfront cost. Also, the mezzanine can be deconstructed and taken later on with the company as it moves to a new facility – creating a piece of working capital that the company can use for years.

Getting a Structural Multi-Tiered Mezzanine

If you are thinking about expanding your warehouse space, do not discount the idea of a multiple level mezzanine. Contact the team at Mezzanines By Design for assistance with your multi-level mezzanine storage system today.