There is more to an industrial mezzanine than meets the eye. With the right construction and options, you can create a mezzanine that benefits your business fully. While most mezzanines are used for storage or to add extra space to an existing warehouse, there are other things you can turn your industrial unit into, such as:

  • Second Story Office Space – Move those in-warehouse offices up to the second floor and free up space below for more storage, work space, etc.
  • Observation Decks – Allow clients and vendors to observe your industrial space from above – and safely away from heavy machinery and hazards.
  • Work Platform – Create an area where your employees can safely work on machinery.
  • Storage Decks – Attach your conveyor system to your storage deck to move your supply from one level to another with ease.
  • Watch Towers – Mezzanines can be used outside on the grounds of your industrial property. Security guards are up higher, allowing them to better keep an eye on your property.

Mezzanines By Design can help you design the perfect industrial mezzanine based on what you need. Whether you want to expand your space or you are looking to improve safety, our team can help.