Structural mezzanine storage systems work in numerous applications. But, depending on your industry, you may need a specific type of mezzanine. Regardless of the size or type you use, there is an easy storage solution out there waiting for your company.

Mezzanines in Retail

Mezzanines can be installed in your retail location to increase your showroom size. You do not have to use mezzanines just to increase your storage space either though. In fact, mezzanines can give you a more creative, open layout. You can also move your administrative offices and inventory to the top floor, allowing you to free up showroom space below for customers and merchandise displays.

Mezzanines for Storage and Production

One of the most common industries to utilize mezzanine storage is that of the storage and production industry. When their warehouse or production space is no longer adequate to accommodate their needs, they can expand the space using a mezzanine. This saves owners significant costs and time that would be lost relocating to a new facility or building an additional structure.

Mezzanines for Business Offices

Mezzanines are not just for industrial properties; in fact, they service business offices as well. Companies that need additional office space or a place to hold their file room can also benefit from a mezzanine – as long as they have additional vertical space to spare.

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