The cost of outgrowing your warehouse space is extensive — from the real estate costs to construction to buying new equipment. Not to mention the cost of downtime. If you are constructing more space or relocating, that could mean significant downtime for your warehouse while the transition is complete.

Also, you have to deal with the realization that relocation or building a new space may not last you very long — meaning you will start the process all over again. There are alternatives to traditional construction or even relocation. As a business owner, it is important you consider these alternatives and see I they will save your warehouse in the long run.

Warehouses to Relocation and New Facility Construction

  • Lower on hand inventory. Often warehouses run out of space because they keep too much inventory on hand daily. Look at your inventory and see how fast it turns over and how much waste you have had over the past year. It may be in your best interest to lean up your warehouse space rather than expand to a new facility.
  • Utilize vertical space with a warehouse mezzanine. Warehouse mezzanines allow you to use vertical space that is otherwise left unoccupied. It also helps you save, because you are no longer paying to heat and/or cool the unused space above. You can use a warehouse mezzanine to relocate offices to the second floor or to expand your inventory storage.
  • Change shifts for your employees. If all of your employees are working at the same time, consider switching to shift work. By having less people on the floor at certain times, you may gain extra space.
  • Revamp your storage. Sometimes a warehouse outgrows its space because of inefficient storage systems. Look at your existing storage structure and consider adding pallet racking systems, overhead conveyors, and new layouts.

Relocation and construction is costly and often unnecessary. Before you make such a drastic move, consider your alternatives. Mezzanines by Design can help you create a custom warehouse mezzanine that allows you to maximize your existing space. Contact a design professional today to learn more about how a warehouse mezzanine may benefit your business.