Industrial mezzanine systems are not a one-industry type of product. Instead, they can be used in a wide range of industries. While the name implies industrial, these units can actually be used in professional and even personal applications – and indoors or outdoors. Because they are extremely durable and built using high-quality steel, they are also a purchase that will last your business a lifetime.

Top Industries for Industrial Mezzanine Systems

There are a few industries that have ordered industrial steel mezzanines from Mezzanines By Design, but the most common include:

  • Aerospace – from manufacturers to engineers to laboratories and testing facilities.
  • Agriculture- farmers, agricultural manufacturers and even companies that create products for agricultural use have used industrial mezzanine systems.
  • Education – mezzanines can be erected in libraries for added storage, create a second floor for students and more.
  • Entertainment – mezzanines offer clubs and other warehouse-based facilities the additional storage capacity they need without retrofitting and entire warehouse.
  • Manufacturing – from pallet storage to offices and even equipment maintenance.
  • Military – from storage to temporary office space.
  • Retail – creating additional storage, office space or even erecting a second-story showroom for clothing retailers, auto dealerships and more.

The possibilities are endless for industrial mezzanine systems.  Get a free quote for your own mezzanine by contacting the sales team at Mezzanines By Design today.