Mezzanine lifts are custom accessories that can be added on to your existing or new mezzanine platform. These lifts also referred to as vertical lifts, help you lift products or merchandise from your bottom floor up to the mezzanine’s level. They can be constructed to lift heavy objects or even people – depending on your industry and the use for the mezzanine itself.

Why a Mezzanine Lift?

Depending on the industry, mezzanine lifts may be a better option instead of the use of a conveyor belt system. Some reasons companies opt for installing a mezzanine lift include:

  • They have the ability to lift heavier objects, such as pallets, furniture, etc.
  • They lift the objects that conveyor belts cannot handle – especially odd-shaped objects.
  • They can come with a variety of safety features making them safer than your average conveyor belt.
  • They are integrated into the mezzanine and operate like an extension.

Mezzanine lifts are the perfect solution to the warehouse that has heavier objects that they must move to their mezzanine for display or storage purposes. The team at Mezzanines By Design can create a mezzanine lift to accommodate even the largest products. Call us today to learn more about our products or to request a quote.