When looking for a mezzanine, you will see a lot of terms out there. One of the more commonly used terms is “structural steel mezzanine” but what does that mean? These are heavy-duty mezzanine platforms that are ideal for storage, showrooms and even offices. They are extremely efficient and built with a nut-and-bolt assembly so that they can be erected in just a few short days.

Why a Structural Steel Mezzanine?

These rugged, load-bearing units are designed to create a second story within your facility. They utilize vertical space you are already paying to heat and cool within your warehouse – and they save you the cost and downtime associated with full construction or relocation.

Even better, structural steel mezzanines still comply with all building codes and can be made with seismic requirements in mind. They can also have features added like stairs, rails, and even vertical conveyor systems to optimize their efficiency and safety.

The team at Mezzanines By Design can help you create the structural steel mezzanine your space needs to maximize storage capacity. Our team of professional engineers work with you to create a unit that meets the unique features of your facility – and our installers are certified to install in all 50 states. Call now for a free estimate.