Mezzanines may not require in-depth construction, but they still must comply with specific building and safety codes. These guidelines and best practices are used to ensure your mezzanine is safe, appropriate for the application, and structurally sound. Reputable mezzanine builders, like Mezzanines by Design, take these regulations serious and always ensure customer orders are in compliance.

Building Codes

Building codes listed by the International Building Code as well as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) apply to mezzanines. You may not be required to get a local permit, but you will still be required to meet all local building codes and safety requirements. Check with your local building authority, because they may have additional building codes that go beyond those outlined in the IBC.

Material Standards

The materials and hardware used to build your mezzanine must meet the standards defined in the AISI, ASTM and AISC. This includes all materials to construct the mezzanine, such as handrails, roof decks, joists, support columns, bases, plates, and frames.

Professional Engineer Custom Mezzanines

A custom mezzanine needs the stamp of a Professional Engineer or PE. This specialty license is given to engineering professionals who have achieved the highest level of standards and the symbol is that of quality assurance. All professionally designed and engineered mezzanines should have a stamp and seal from a PE – often these are required to get a building permit.

Seismic Considerations

Not all areas have to worry about seismic requirements, but those areas that are susceptible to seismic movements (earthquakes) will need to ensure their mezzanines meet seismic building requirements. The IBC has specific Seismic Design Zones, with alphabetical designations (ranging from A to F), which will outline how mezzanines should be constructed based on the zone they are in.

Mezzanines by Design takes the guesswork out of determining which building codes and requirements must be met. All of our structures are designed with federal and local building codes, safety regulations, and material safety standards. Contact us today to learn more about our mezzanine design process.