Freestanding mezzanine systems or raised platforms provide your business with an extra floor for storage, office space, etc. Depending on what you plan on using it for, it may have specific load requirements. This load is supported by the concrete slab and foundation of your current structure.

When you’re shopping for a mezzanine, one big question you may have on your mind is whether or not the mezzanine will affect your current structure. The ability of your structure to support a new load depends on numerous factors — from column layouts to existing capabilities, etc.

It is best to always consult a mezzanine professional before buying a new system. The professionals at Mezzanines by Design can help design a new system based on the structural capabilities of your current building.

Hire a Turnkey Mezzanine Provider

Not all mezzanine companies offer turnkey services. That means that they either fabricate or install the mezzanine, but they do not offer custom designs or engineering consultations. Therefore, you would need to hire an outside source just to secure your building permit. A turnkey provider offers start-to-finish solutions for your warehouse or industrial space. They have in-house engineers that will assess your building for:

  • Structural loads
  • Overhead space capacities
  • Seismic issues
  • Building regulations
  • Application
  • Heavy point loads
  • Possible obstructions

Then your custom mezzanine will be designed around these specific issues. Also, a turnkey provider can draft engineered stamped drawings, installation drawings and assist with permitting and/or building code issues.

The team at Mezzanines by Design is a turnkey mezzanine system provider. We can help you with everything from designing a new system around your space to installing it to ensure it is safe for your employees and your structure.