A small permanent walkway or platform usually elevated, to provide access to a work area or service/maintenance access to machinery and equipment. Mezzanines By Design customizes maintenance catwalks to fit around existing machinery, structures and equipment. Mezzanines By Design has extensive experience working in and around “tough spots”. Maintenance Catwalks and platforms offer a safe and convenient way to for personnel to access difficult areas. Equipment, Conveyor and machinery maintenance tends to get overlooked if access is limited or difficult. Mezzanines By Design will design your maintenance catwalk or maintenance platform for the exact piece of equipment, conveyor or machinery that needs maintenance. We can design to handle heavy concentrated loads. Sometimes maintenance catwalks or equipment platforms are referred to as viewing platforms. The catwalk or platform has no equipment but is used to overlook machinery and/or equipment to make sure it is operating properly. Equipment platforms are used to support processing equipment, generators, and air conditioning equipment. For outdoor applications, the platform can be galvanized. Our platforms are a nut and bolt design so they can be easily shipped and erected at your site. We are a AISC certified fabricator and engineer for all 50 states.