What is a catwalk system? Catwalks are walkways or aisles that allow personnel to pull merchandise from steel shelving, rivet rack, wide span racking, or pallet racking. Catwalks are also used for viewing operations and are often referred to as viewing platforms or maintenance catwalks. Mezzanines By Design has worked with the largest record storage companies in the country designing, engineering and consulting on these types of systems. No matter how large or small the warehouse or storage area is; Mezzanines By Design can help you maximize the storage density in your warehouse with this type of system. Mezzanines By Design is an AISC certified fabricator and distributor of quality warehouse shelving, rack and material lifts. Mezzanines By Design can design and engineer your catwalk system for all 50 states. We offer “turn-key” services, 24/7 customer service and a quality on time product.