Mezzanines By Design offers design & engineering services. We are a quality manufacturer of structural steel mezzanines, equipment platforms, staircases, guardrail, and special heavy tool handling equipment. We are an AISC Certified Fabricator, offer "turn-key" services and engineered stamped drawings for all 50 states. We can take your project from start to finish with minimal interruption to your production area. We work around your operations and schedule. Mezzanines by Design can design and engineer anything that is elevated. Mezzanines by Design can design a mezzanine for your particular application, taking into consideration the space you have to work with, obstructions such as building columns, overhead space, heavy point loads, seismic categories, and how the mezzanine or platform is to be utilized. Mezzanines can be designed to provide additional storage, additional office space, storage of product, as an equipment platform, for archive records storage, or for additional production space. In addition to the engineered stamped drawings we provide onsite engineering, detailed installation drawings, 24/7 customer service and assists with permitting and code issues. Call to talk to a real person that will give you the attention you deserve and the information you need! Our customer service is outstanding. From the moment you call to completion of your project you will have our full attention and commitment. Give us a call and experience the difference.