Public platforms are used by a wide variety of industries. Public platforms are typically used in gyms, apartments, churches, garages, race tracks, universities, restaurants, bars and schools. Mezzanines By Design has years of experience in the design, engineering, consulting and installation of these types of platforms. Some questions that are often asked are: What is a public platform? How is it different from a Mezzanine or an equipment platform? When you are utilizing a “raised floor” structure for the public, the building codes are not the same as for mezzanine storage applications or for platforms that are used for equipment. An example would be the guardrail. The code is completely different for this type of structure and requires “pickets” that are close together so a 4” sphere can-not pass through.Please call us to discuss your requirement, Mezzanines By Design fabricates all public platforms to meet required codes, both local and federal, and provides engineered stamped drawings for all 50 states.