Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on your Mezzanine Requirement. If you have drawings, spec's, or other files you would prefer to use, please click on our e-mail address , attach your files and we will contact you right away.

Mezzanines By Design can engineer for any Seismic Category/Zone. Please call us @ 800-881-6750 if your mezzanine will be going to a seismic zone or if you are not sure. Thanks!

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125 PSF (Typical)

150 PSF

200 PSF

Perimeter Feet Inches Hand Rail

Deck Options

3/4" Plywood Over Corrugated Steel Decking
3/4" Laminated Plywood Over Corrugated Steel Decking (Resin Deck)
1" X 3/16" Bar Grating
1/8" Diamond Plate Over Corrugated Steel Decking
Corrugated Steel Deck For Concrete
Corrugated Steel Deck For Alternative Flooring
Slide Gate
Safety Gate
Swing Gate
Stair Options
Straight Run Stairway
Runs Directly into Mezzanine or through the floor
Straight Run Stairway with landing
Runs along the mezzanine into a 4ft x 4ft landing
Straight Run Stairway with Mid-landing
Usually used if top of deck is over 12ft
L Stairway(s)
Usually used to Save Space
U Stairway(s)
Usually used to Save Space
Caged Ladders
Ships Ladder