Structural Steel Mezzanines

An elevated platform is a steel structure with vertical columns supporting horizontal beams. The horizontal beams, in turn, support a platform. The platform can be bar grating, plywood, laminated or treated plywood, or steel tread plate. The elevated platform is accessed by a stairway or ladder. There is normally handrail around open areas of the perimeter and often some type of loading gate. Mezzanines By Design specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing elevated steel platforms in all 50 states.

Custom Steel Mezzanine Features

Mezzanines By Design provides fully custom steel mezzanines. We work with you to determine the exact design that will be needed in your facility, meeting the specific space, sizing, and functional requirements you have. All calculations are handled by our engineers, so there is no extra work for you to do when working with us to design your mezzanine system. We can also work with your architect and general contractor when applicable.

Steel Mezzanine Platforms serve a variety of functions in a warehouse or production setting, such as:

  • Mezzanine for storage or office space
  • Equipment platform so that floor space underneath is accessible
  • Maintenance catwalk to access conveyor system or production equipment
  • Catwalk to access storage racks
  • Second story for providing additional production space

  • Flooring Options
  • Handrails
  • Access Gates
  • Stair Options

  • Color/finishing
  • Structural/Framing Options
  • Sizing
  • Design

Each application for an elevated platform is a unique requirement calling for a unique solution. Mezzanines By Design understands this. That is why we do not try to force cookie cutter solutions on our customers. We offer high quality structural steel platform design for your businesses specific needs.

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