Mezzanines Equipment Platforms Design & Installation Service

An equipment platform allows you to take advantage of your overhead space to place equipment while freeing up valuable floor space for storage or production. Equipment platforms can also be used for processing equipment where the product is funneled to the area below the platform. If you have a potential application for an Equipment Platform, By Design is your one stop source because we provide the following services:

  • Design by seasoned and knowledgeable engineers
  • Manufacturing of your platform in our AISC certified fabrication facility
  • Powder Coating  in our in-house facility with your choice of colors
  • Delivery to all 50 states plus exporting capabilities out of the Port of Houston
  • Installation by our qualified and experienced crews

Mezzanines Equipment PlatformEvery application for an equipment platform is unique and requires a unique solution. We realize that. We also realize that designing an Equipment Platform that will be the best solution is a process that requires working together with a number of back and forth discussions and exchange of information. That is why Mezzanines By Designs invites you to call and discuss your requirement rather than filling out a “one size fits all” on-line form. You’re real people, we’re real people. Let’s talk! What is the design process for an Equipment Platform?

  • One your first call, you will talk to an engineer that will be assigned to your project, not an inside salesperson who will try to accurately pass on your information to engineering.
  • We will then provide an initial proposal with a 3D rendering so that you can see exactly what is being proposed and whether it fits into your budget
  • Discussions between you and our engineering staff will continue as necessary to make changes and come up with a final design and proposal

What happens after we agree on a design and price?

  • If necessary we will make a site visit to your facility to spot any obstructions or possible problems so that they are addressed up front and not at the time of installation
  • Detailed approval drawings will be provided
  • Equipment Platform will be manufactured and powder coated in our AISC certified facility
  • Platform will be shipped and stamped engineered drawings will be provided
  • Detailed installation drawings will be provided or installation will be completed by one of our expert crews

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