Mezzanine storage enables you to make use of your overhead warehouse space by building up. It is less expensive to utilize this unused space than it is to build additional warehouse space. Mezzanine overhead storage can be created in several ways.

Overhead Storage Option

Mezzanine Technical Information
  • Installing tall (16 ft., 24 ft., etc.) pallet rack, bulk storage rack, or shelving, in conjunction with an elevated catwalk system at one or more levels. The distance between levels is generally 7 to 8 feet. This allows for the upper storage levels to be accessed by hand as if they were on the floor.
  • Installing a free standing mezzanine and storing material either on the top of the mezzanine or on the top and floor levels
  • Installing a complete overlay mezzanine over floor level rack or shelving. The flooring can be wood or steel and this additional space created can be used for additional storage

Over Head Mezzanine Floor Options

There are several flooring options available for mezzanine storage:

  • Bar grating (either painted or galvanized)
  • Wood over corrugated decking. The corrugated decking supports the load and the wood provides a smooth surface for rolling stock such as pallet jacks. The wood used is ¾” tongue and groove plywood. Also available is “resindek”, a coated plywood which is easy to clean
  • Diamond tread plate (powder coated steel, aluminum, or galvanized). This provides a tough, smooth, and durable surface

Custom Mezzanine Overhead Storage

In addition to the flooring options, there are several other components for a mezzanine storage system:

  • Stairways to access the upper levels. These are fabricated to the appropriate IBC and OSHA codes and can be straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped, depending on the available space
  • Loading gates (hinged, sliding, or safety) so that pallets of material can be placed  on the upper level(s) by a forklift
  • Handrail around the open perimeters. Here again, these are fabricated to the appropriate IBC and OSHA codes
  • Material lifts can also be incorporated into the system to lift material to the upper levels

Mezzanines By Design can design, fabricate, and install a mezzanine storage system that will allow you to increase storage capacity by utilizing your overhead warehouse space. Request a quote today.