Warehouse Mezzanine System Advantages!

Mezzanine Warehouse or Warehouse Mezzanine refers to a steel structural platform that creates a partial second floor and allows you to gain additional warehouse space by using the unused air space above the warehouse floor. This option is a much less expensive alternative than building or leasing additional warehouse space.
This warehouse mezzanine can provide additional storage space in a variety of ways.

  • A free standing mezzanine where you can store goods (in bulk or on shelving) either on top of the mezzanine, on the floor level under the mezzanine, or both
  • A rack or shelving  supported mezzanine with catwalks at one or more elevations between the rows of rack (shelving) that allow small goods to be picked and stored by hand
  • A complete overlay mezzanine where a second level platform is supported by rack or shelving. Goods are stored in the rack or shelving on the floor level, while the overlay mezzanine can be used to store bulk products

A warehouse mezzanine can also provide additional office space.

  • Modular offices can be built on the top level of the mezzanine while the floor underneath is available for storage or production
  • Modular offices can be built on the floor level and the upper level can be used for storage or production
  • Offices can be built on both levels of the structural, essentially  two story office

Besides storage and office space a warehouse mezzanine can be built as a maintenance platform.

  • Equipment (such as production or HVAC) can be placed on the upper mezzanine level while keeping the floor level clear for other uses
  • A warehouse mezzanine can be constructed as a catwalk system between pieces of equipment either hanging from the ceiling or at an upper level. This allows for easy access for maintenance or repairs

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