There is an old saying that “there is always a solution in steel”.  Steel mezzanines manufactured by Mezzanines By Design are fabricated from structural steel components that are made to assemble with nut and bolt construction.  Structural steel has the ability to accommodate an almost infinite amount of mezzanine storage solutions.  Steel mezzanines can be utilized for

  • Maintenance Platforms-Used for working and maintaining equipment.
  • Viewing Platforms-Used for view operations and equipment flow.
  • Equipment Platforms-Used for specific piece of equipment.
  • Additional office Space-Used for creating a second floor for offices which can be built out or modular offices.
  • Conveyor Support Systems-Used for supporting conveyor lines.
  • Display Platforms-Used for trade shows, exhibits and to showcase products.
  • Personal Platfroms-Used for “man caves” and hobbies.
  • General Storage Mezzanine-Used for storage of pallets or shelving can be put on top for box storage.
  • Bar Mezzanine-Used to create a space in a restaurant or night club.
  • Gymnasium Platform-Used in training for coaches & gymnasts.
  • Rack Supported Mezzanine-Used to maximize the storage density.
  • File Storage Mezzanine-Used specifically to store letter/legal boxes.

Mezzanines By Design is an AISC certified fabricator and a City of Houston certified fabricator that supplies “turn-key” solutions for all of your platform and mezzanine requirements.  We offer full design & engineering services, full installation services, engineered stamped drawings for all 50 states and in some foreign countries.  We also provide consulting services and custom fabrication services.  We can fabricate your steel mezzanine to your specification or ours.  We assign project engineers from the beginning of your project to the delivered and installed product.  Customer service at Mezzanines By Design is 24/7.
Please contact one of our salespeople to discuss your next steel mezzanine or custom fabrication project.  Our phone number is 800-881-6750 or e-mail